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By signing up for an annual or lifetime membership, you will have a special designation as an Inaugural Member which will be acknowledged on the organization’s website and all upcoming events perpetually. All Boehm CSSE virtual events are free to members.

Guest Membership – signup as a guest and receive notifications of Boehm CSSE events.

Annual Membership – signup as an annual member and attend virtual events for free, have advanced access to event presentations, and have access to online artifacts and tools.
If you are a student, annual membership fees are reduced. Student status verification is required to ensure eligibility.

Lifetime Membership – same benefits as annual membership but in perpetuity and no worrying about annual membership fees.

Affiliate Membership – signup as an Affiliate and enjoy the same benefits as annual membership. This membership is for different size organizations with one person designated as the representative which is transferable if that person needs to withdraw.

  • Small Affiliate: Government groups, Universities, FFRDCs, and small businesses under 500 people
  • Large Affiliate: Corporations

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Level Price  
Guest Free. Select
Annual Membership (Student) $20.00 per Year. Select
Annual Membership $50.00 per Year. Select
Lifetime Membership $500.00 now. Select
Small Affiliate Membership $1,000.00 per Year. Select
Large Affiliate $5,000.00 per Year. Select

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Inaugural Members to-date

Boehm Family Foundation

Paula Baker
Lena Baird
Victor Basili
Jim Boehm
Linda Boehm
Romney Boehm
Ryan Boehm
Sharla Boehm
Tenley Burke
Cullen Burke
Mason Burke
Louise Fahey
Judith Johnson
Rachelle Lucyzinski
Gene Nebeker
Lisa Noxon
T.J. Noxon
Bill Roberti
David Schloss

Lifetime Members

Mauricio Aguiar
Jongmoon Baik
Pooyan Behnamghader
A Winsor Brown
Yue Chen
Brad Clark
Betsy Clark
Dan Galorath
Gary Hafen
Anandi Hira
Hoh In
Judy Kerner
Sue Koolmanojwong
Dan Ligett
Arlene Minkiewicz
Vu Nguyen
Leon Osterweil
Antony Powell
Doug Rosenberg
Julie Sanchez
Neil Siegel
Bo Wang
Marilee Wheaton

Annual Members

Alain Abran
Andrew Adams
Charles Adams
Jim Alstad
Rob Ashmore
Rick Battle
Bridget Beamon
Kim Bell
Ryan Bell
Salvatore Bruno
Richard Cann
Murray Cantor
Kelly Cassidy

Steven Cox
Paul Cymerman
Babak Damadi
Joseph Dean
Carol Dekkers
Sean Densford
Ryan Farrell
Robert Ferguson
Lonnie Franks
Cheryl Gray

Steven Gross
Anil Gupta
Richard Halliger
Patrick Hamon
Stephen Henry
Jeffrey Herrera
Anthony Higginson
Dan Houston
Robert Hunt
Cheryl Jones
David Klappholz
Safae Laqrichi
Ryan Longshore

Raymond Madachy
Sariyu Marfo
Kevin McBride
Chris McCauley
Matt McDonald
Vu Nguyen
William Nichols
Kenneth Nidiffer
Randall Padilla

Barry Papke
Mauricio Pena
Art Pyster
Jesus Rodriguez
Esteban Sanchez

Benjamin Schumeg
David Seaver
Pavel Shipillo
Louis Silverstein

Rosalind Singh
Dan Strickland
Julia Taylor
Kelly Timko
Eric Topelian
Ricardo Valerdi
Russell Varnado
Urjaswala Vora

Tomeka Williams
Paul Wilson
Robin Yeman

Barry Boehm gave us the bridges to cross and share our wealth of knowledge. Let’s do what we are called to do.

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