Center for Systems and Software Engineering

COCOMO & PSM Forum 2023

The COCOMO & PSM Forum 2023 was hosted both virtually and at Aerospace @ Chantilly, VA, from November 14 to 16, 2023. The focus of the year was on the future of measurement and cost modeling. Specific topics of interest include:

  • Measurement and cost estimating for Digital Engineering and MBSE projects.
  • Overall challenges to measuring and estimating the cost of different development paradigms, (e.g., MBSE, Agile, and DevOps)
  • The role of AI and Machine Learning in building cost estimates and measurement.
  • New or modified size and/or cost drivers to estimate software development effort in response to changing development processes and environments/tools (e.g., Agile and DevOps).
  • Measuring size/cost/schedule impacts from cybersecurity requirements.
  • Cloud services measurement and cost estimation for development and sustainment.

Slides and videos can be accessed by event participants, Annual, Lifetime, Small Affiliate, and Large Affiliate members exclusively now, and will be open six months after the event.

All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Tuesday, 11/14
11am BCSSE & PSM Opening
11:35am Virtual Keynote: Counterintuitive Challenges in Measurement by Ricardo Valerdi
12:05pm Digital Engineering Software Solution for Comprehensive Government Acquisition Requirements Evaluation by Cheryl Gray, Renee Ferringer, Paul Cymerman
12:35pm Lunch
1:00pm Sprint Containment Matrix and Sprint Volatility Measures by Ben Schumeg
1:35pm Program MOSA Transformation Information Needs and Metrics Measuring MOSA Implementation and MOSA Product Value/Success Policy to Practice by Steve Henry, Robert Scheruer
2:10pm Break
2:25pm – 5pm Workshop: Advnacing COSYSMO Adoption through MBSE by Barry Papke, Gan Wang, Ricardo Valerdi, Sean Densford
Wednedsay, 11/15
8:30am Workshop: Digital Engineering Measurement by Cheryl Jones
11:00am Software Estimation Using Functional Size Derived from User Stories by Esteban Sanchez, Chris Hutchings
11:35am From ConOps to ROM is 6 easy Steps by Carol Dekkers, Dan French
12:05pm Software Engineering Challenges for Integrating Measurement Activities into Defense Systems Viewed Through the Prism of Future Systems by Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer
12:35pm Lunch
1:00pm The Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) – Through-Life Software Management by Tony Powell, Rob Ashmore, Andy Adams
1:35pm Factoring AI Assistance into Software and Systems Engineering Cost Models by Ray Madachy, Ryan Bell, Ryan Longshore
2:10pm Break
2:25pm – 5pm Workshop: Towards Estimating Schedule for Systems Engineering Projects by James Alstad
Thursday, 11/16
8:30am Workshop: COCOMO® III by Brad Clark
11am Continuous Status Monitoring of your Agile and DevOps Programs by Arlene Minkiewicz
11:35am Measuring Incremental Technical Debts in Agile Development Lifecycle by Dr. Urjaswala Vora
12:05pm Results from the ACE/PoPs project on exploiting DevSecOps Pipeline data for program management insight by William (Bill) Nichols
12:35pm Lunch
1:00pm Entropy of Information Systems by Robert (Bob) Ferguson
1:35pm Capability-Based Software Cost Estimation: Proposing a New Method to Estimation Software Costs by Anandi Hira
2:05pm Break
2:25pm The “Software Estimation Challenge” for students: From Story Points to Best Practices by Dr. Alain Abran
3:00pm A Comparison of Tee Shirt, Functional, and SLOC Sizing on Current Federal Agile Software Development Program by Bob Hunt
3:30pm Break
4:00pm BCSSE & PSM Closing
4:30pm BCSSE Business Meeting