Center for Systems and Software Engineering

Annual Research Review 2023

Slides can be accessed by Annual, Lifetime, Small Affiliate, and Large Affiliate members exclusively, and will be open six months after the event.

Monday, June 5
8:00 AM Boehm CSSE Welcome and Opening by Brad Clark (BCSSE President)
8:30 AM Honoring Sharla: On Distributed Communications: Digital Simulation of Hot-Potato Routing in a Broadband Distributed Communications Network” presented by Doug Rosenberg (Parallel Agile)
9:00 AM 15-min break
9:15 AM Keynote: Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering: Exploiting by Azad Madni (University of Southern California (USC))
9:45 AM Development of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): Case of Thailand by Rachchabhorn Wongsaroj (Bank of Thailand)
10:15 AM 15-min break
10:30 AM Estimating Effort of ERP Projects by Tameem Yousaf (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences)
11:00 AM Keynote: Lessons Learned in Practical Systems Engineering by Neil Siegel
11:30 AM 30-min Lunch
12:00 PM ABLATOR: Robust Horizontal-Scaling of Machine Learning Ablation Experiments by Iordanis Fostiropoulos (USC)
12:30 PM Batch Model Consolidation: A Multi-Task Model Consolidation Framework by Jiaye Zhu (USC)
1:00 PM 15-min break
1:15 PM LYKIN: Relevant Content Across All Your Worlds by Joey Foldi (LYKIN)
1:45 PM Evolution of software engineering practices: academia vs industry by Alexey Tregubov (Information Sciences Institute (ISI))
Tuesday, June 6
8:00 AM Myth of the x10 Programmer by Bill Nichols (Software Engineering Institute)
8:30 AM Eliciting security requirements of web application in the early stages of software development life cycle by Molly Phongpaibul (Thammasart University Thailand)
9:00 AM 15-min break
9:15 AM Risk-Informed Decision Making by Glen Alleman (Niwot Ridge Consulting)
9:45 AM Software Change Analysis from the Perspective of Software Architectural Design Decisions by Jincheng He (USC)
10:15 AM 15-min break
10:30 AM Model-Based Systems Engineering Cost Study by Brook Cavell and Kirsten Lam (Aerospace Corporation)
11:00 AM Software – the Elephant in the MBSE Living Room by Doug Rosenberg (Parallel Agile)
11:30 AM 30-min Lunch
12:00 PM Digital Engineering Measurement Framework by Cheryl Jones (US Army)
12:30 PM Automated Functional Software Size Measurement through Natural Language Processing by Kevin McKeel (LogApps)
1:00 PM Advancing AI Engineering using Lessons Learned from Real Mission Scenarios by Tyler Brooks, Carrie Gardner (Software Engineering Institute)
Wednesday, June 7
8:00 AM Keynote: Acquisition Software 101 by Dan Strickland (Missile Defense Agency)
8:30 AM Recent advances in AI/ML for software engineering by Vu Nguyen (University of Science, Vietnam National University)
9:00 AM 15-min break
9:15 AM How Deep Tech is Changing Systems Engineering by Stephen Guine (CalTech)
9:45 AM How well is your digital thread initiative going? By Arlene Minkiewicz (Unison Global)
10:15 AM 15-min break
10:30 AM Probing Reasoning of Language Models with Inductive In-Context Learning by Liyi Yao (USC)
11:00 AM Leveraging ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering for Task Efficiency: A Demo by Bo Wang (USC)
11:30 AM 30-min Lunch
12:00 PM How Design Thinking is Changing Software Engineering by Elaine Venson (University of Brasília)
12:30 PM Reconciliation of Disparate Geospatial Datasets for Accurate Rendering of Flora in a Virtual Environment by Louis Silverstein (Baraqu)
1:00 PM Boehm CSSE Closing by Brad Clark (BCSSE President)