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Lifetime Achievement Award Design Test

The [Boehm CSSE] Lifetime Achievement Award is an esteemed acknowledgment given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the field of software engineering, aligning with the work of Dr. Barry Boehm. This award is for those who have diligently applied and furthered the principles of the COCOMO models, the Incremental Commitment Spiral Model, and other methodologies advocated by Dr. Boehm. Our awardees are recognized for their dedication and efforts in advancing software development and project management. Here, we acknowledge their valuable contributions that resonate with Dr. Boehm’s dedication to the field, his approach to innovation, and his impact on software engineering.

Step into our annual showcase of distinguished awardees below:

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

Dan Strickland

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ricardo Valerdi

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2019 Lifetime Achievement Award

Jo Ann Lane


Jo Ann Lane is an SDSU computer science Professor Emeritus. Prior she was a research professor at the USC CSSE. Dr. Lane is a co-author of The Incremental Commitment Spiral Model: Principles and Practices for Successful Systems and Software and the US DoD Systems Engineering Guide for Systems of Systems.

Keynote: Evolution of Systems and Software Engineering and its Influence on Cost/Schedule Modeling

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

David P Seaver

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Elizabeth K Clark


Elizabeth K Clark received her B.A. from Stanford University and her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from U.C. Berkeley. Betsy has spent more than 45 years implementing software measurement programs, estimating costs and schedules, and assessing risks to schedule performance. She is the President of Software Metrics Inc., a Virginia-based consulting company she founded in 1983. Betsy was a primary contributor to Practical Software Measurement and to the SEI’s core measures. She is also a principal contributor to the Australian Defence’s Schedule Confidence Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM) which has been used to identify root causes of schedule slippage on more than 50 different Australian and US defense programs, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Betsy collaborated with Barry Boehm and Chris Abts to develop the COCOTS model. She developed the first examination for IPPUG’s certification for Measurement Professionals. Betsy was a long-time consultant to the Institute for Defense Analyses and, more recently, to the Software Engineering Institute. In 2023, Betsy co-authored a book about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with Tom Burbage (the F-35 General Manager at Lockheed Martin for 13 years) and Adrian Pitman from the Australian Department of Defence (F-35: The Inside Story of the Lightning II, Skyhorse Publishing, 2023). The book is based on more than 100 interviews with key individuals from the US Government, Lockheed Martin and other contractors and the international partner countries. Betsy met her husband, Brad Clark, at a COCOMO conference in 1997 years ago. They live in Haymarket, Virginia. Betsy also spends a lot of time Queensland, Australia where she is a Director at the non-profit Independent Project Review Institute. Betsy is a long-time equestrian and, more recently, has taken up triathlons where she is usually the oldest female participant. She has completed four 70.3 half Ironman races and is currently training for her first full Ironman race in Western Australia in December 2024.

Keynote: From Acquisition Disaster to World Class Performance: A Case Study

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Raymond J Madachy

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

Bradford K Clark


Dr. Brad Clark is Vice-President of Software Metrics Inc. – a Virginia based consulting company. His area of expertise is in software cost and schedule data collection, analysis and parametric modeling. He works with clients to setup their own estimation capability for use in planning and managing. He has also helped clients with software cost and schedule feasibility analysis and cost estimation training.
He co-authored a book with Barry Boehm and others on “Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II.” He is a co-developed the Schedule Compliance Risk Assessment Methodology (SCRAM) used for finding root causes of program schedule slippage. He co-authored the “Software Cost Estimation Metrics Manual” for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency.
Dr. Clark received a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1997 and a Masters Degree in Software Engineering in 1995 from the University of Southern California. Brad is a former US Navy A-6 Intruder pilot.

Keynote: Data Collection and Analysis Lessons Learned on my Journey

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Gan Wang

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2013 Lifetime Achievement Award

Cheryl L Jones

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

Garry Roedler

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award

Richard Selby

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award

John Gaffney

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2009 Lifetime Achievement Award

Daniel Ligett

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2008 Lifetime Achievement Award

Jairus M Hihn

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award

Marilee J Wheaton


Marilee J. Wheaton is currently a Systems Engineering Fellow at The Aerospace Corporation. She is responsible for providing technical leadership and building capability across the corporation to include enterprise systems engineering, digital engineering, systems architecting, and model-based systems engineering. A longtime affiliate member of the previous USC CSSE led by Dr. Barry Boehm, Marilee is now a member of the Boehm CSSE Board, currently serving as President.

Keynote: Engineering Economics: The Link to Systems and Software Engineering

2006 Lifetime Achievement Award

Gary D Thomas

Keynote: [presentation title and link in 20XX Event]

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award

Richard D Stutzke

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