Center for Systems and Software Engineering

COCOMO Forum 2022

Wednesday, 11/9/2022
8:00 AM BCSSE Introduction
8:15 AM Keynote by Rick Selby
9:00 AM Turning Cost Models on Their Heads by David Seaver (General Dynamics)
9:45 AM Let’s Go Agile! Data-Driven Agile Software Cost and Schedule Models by Wilson Rosa (DHS), Sara Jardine (Galorath)
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Colorado Haiku Club: Analysis Using Natural Language Tools with Software Functional Descriptions by Daniel Strickland (MDA)
11:45 AM ASCoT 3: Nonlinear Principal Components Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification in Early Lifecycle Spacecraft Flight Software Cost Estimation by Sam Fleischer (JPL)
12:15 PM Lunch with Dr. Barry Boehm Video
1:15 PM Automated Cost Estimation/Pipeline of Pipelines by Bill Nichols (SEI)
2:00 PM Software Licenses: A Bill You Can’t Pay? by Cheryl Jones (US Army)
2:45 PM Break
3:15 PM Using Expert Opinion in Grassroots Cost Estimation by Bill Taber (JPL), Daniel Port (University of Hawaii)
4:00 PM Naval System Product Line Modeling Research with COPLIMO by Raymond Madachy (NPS), John Green (NPS)
4:30 PM What is the U.S. DoD Cost Estimation Community Saying About Agile? by Anandi Hira (SEI)
Thursday, 11/10/2022
8:00 AM Keynote by Paul Nielson (SEI)
8:30 AM Simplifying Software Sizing with Simple Function Points by Carol Dekkers (Quality Plus Technologies)
9:15 AM A Comparison of Individual and Group-Based Effort Estimation Techniques by Ghufran Ahmad, Ali Afzal Malik (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES)
9:45 AM Agile Estimation – Software Developers and Software Estimators Working Together? by Arlene Minkiewicz and Rich Mabe (Unison)
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Building Tools for Discovery by Allen Nikora (JPL (ret.))
11:45 AM Science, Ontology, and Causal Analysis by Jim Alstad (USC (ret.))
12:15 PM Lunch with Dr. Barry Boehm Video
1:15 PM Software Intellectual Property Valuation with COCOMO® II by Pongtip Aroonvatanaporn (Integrast)
2:00 PM General Error Regression Method by Brad Clark (Software Metrics)
2:45 PM Break
3:15 PM Evaluating Software and Systems Engineering Data with New Causal Inference Algorithms by Anandi Hira (SEI), Jim Alstad (USC (ret.)), Mike Konrad (SEI), and A Winsor Brown (USC (ret.))
4:00 PM MuiDial: Improving Dialogue Disentanglement with Intent-Based Mutual Learning by Celia Chen (Posh Technologies)